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Late immersion into Classical Education


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Quick background, dd11 was in school until nearly the end of grade 5, when things got bad and we pulled her. That spring I introduced Classical to her, and she hated e.a.c.h. and e.v.e.r.y moment of it. So we registered her in the fall in virtual school.


We were getting ready to re-register her, I was talking with her, see how it went. We had some pretty serious bumps in the road, but we got through it. She expressed her interest in NOT doing Virtual School, it was boring, dry and while easy over all, was lacking in instruction making tasks difficult(not the actual knowledge, the task).


She wants to be working with interesting materials. So we went surfing on the net, looking at options. I think I have a couple things decided.... but not sure.


So here we are, mom in panic mode, how do I do this with some one this age? The little one was easier. We started grade 1 over in April, and moved forward from there.


But grade 7?


How to we do this? Can it be done successfully with a headstrong child?


Here is what we're considering:

Science: Apologia - General Science(is this a full year or no?)

Math: Finish Math Mammoth along with Life of Fred(new for us, waiting to hear back if our local store has it)

Bible - looking for a family study so dd7, 11 and 13 can work together.

History - want to do the WTM way, but at loss, rereading how to do this

LA - exploring possibilities, we are considering CLE to simplify at least one subject for the year, but we have lots of remedial grammar to do first. Suggestions?

French(think I have this covered, need to go back and look at the website)

Logic? - what to use for the novice here?


I'd love to hear suggestions, btdt testimony! I am feeling a little overwhelmed, but at least she found her voice NOW, not in August.

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