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Where to buy unrefined sugars and salts?

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Here is a fairly thorough list of food co-ops, natural food stores and health food stores around the country.




I would find one in my area and see if a) they stock the products and/or b) they can order them for you. They will order for you if it is available to them. I belong to a small buying club which used United Natural Foods, one of the distributers many health food stores and co-ops in my area use. I found one brand of muscovado sugar which is available from the PA warehouse. This wouldn't work for me but it might for you. The other two items are fairly common and easy to find at these types of stores. In fact you can buy Grade B maple syrup at the grocery store if you're not tto picky about quality.

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Yes its the same, sorry I can't spell when in a hurry I guess. Duh.


I guess muscovado because I like it whereas I've never tried rapadura. I may see about sampling it.


I'd rather buy online, I'm not really thrilled with the few health food stores that are in my area. The last place I lived was near a town that had wonderful stores, but this place....not so much. I'll check that link though, just in case there's a store I don't know about nearby. I know the groc store we use doesn't have grade B syrup.


Will check azure too.


thanks so much!!

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