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Dd1 recites her entire vocabulary when she gets excited...

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Offer her some food, for ex., & she signs "please please more please thank you yes eat please please" as she chases you (if not seated) or bounces while signing & then bows her face down to her tray, like she's just finished a symphony of sign language.


It cracks me up.

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LOL! That's adorable. Do you have a way to video that? That's something you would cherish seeing later!


Oy. You & my mom. Alright. After finals, we'll get out the video camera.


But...*sniff* I realized the other day that we haven't made ANY videos of this one in her first year. I feel SO bad. :crying:

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Aubrey, DON'T feel bad!!! This is completely normal, particularly considering that since you had her you sold a house, moved, got pg again. Most families I know have far more photos of the first child than of the last. Even my brother, who was 6 years younger than the next, has fewer photos.


btw, I think your hormones are part of what's bothering you (re: your other post, but I didn't have enough to say.) And this is a cute story. Perhaps she'll be a chatterbox--do you have any of those yet?

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Very cute!


My kids have been practicing signs (which no one here as used for 3 or so years, but I taught them to a niece last year) to teach the baby. Poor kid, three overly eager older siblings will all teaching "more" and "water" before he/she can even hold his/her head up!



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