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Please help me brain storm for next year.


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Sorry if this ends up being a babbling mess. :D


Okay, I woke up this morning and knew we needed a change. So, I decided after all these years of being on WTM to order the book. Then I went to PHP and well, I am drooling. So, please help me out. Tell me where I have gaps in my thinking of things, what might work better etc.


My son is reading short vowel words, long vowel words, quiet a few sight words etc. For any one who has used LLATL he can read all the readers for that, with a bit of help some of the bright and early Dr.Suess books. His handwriting is alright, not the best but he is little still.


Here is my ideas of what to use.


WWE level 1 (since we have not done any I would like to start here, do you think this will be alright for a 2nd grader?)


First language lessons level 1 Also since we have not done these I want to start here


SOTW 1 we are working on this right now, not too far into it yet


RSO life


ETC we will pick up where we stop this year


Something for math, I have not decided if we will stick with McRuffy or try something else.


What am I missing? What else do I need to add in?

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My six year old DS (will turn 7 in August) sounds pretty much like your little guy.....recently I dropped a number of things I planned for this year (1st grade) so we could concentrate on the reading (phonics) and writing since those two areas are weak for him....and will do some catch-up next year, starting July 1 (our school year start for our state) since we HS year-round (much lighter load throughout the summer months).


Next year, as a second grader, he'll have:


Language Arts


FLL 1 since, like you, I want to start here with this.

Growing with Grammer (just ordered to check this out, so not sure if I'll actually use it or not)


WWE 1, again, same reason.



ETC (books and online)

Click'N Read (online)


Handwriting without Tears


Spelling Workout 1 + 2




SoW 1 (about half way through this now)

SoW 2 (to get caught up by end of June 2012 when we'll end the year)




SM 3A/3B

Supplementing with Horizons




RS4K's Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Supplementing with Discovery Education online access.


Social Studies


Geography - pulled together variety of books and items

Civics - pulled together variety of books and items


Foreign language


French - still haven't decided program since we'll likely wait until January to introduce this to our schedule as I want him to be reading well before we take the plunge!




Core Knowledge Music, Grade 1 & 2 Music Set, Supplemented with a variety of other materials

Piano Lessons




Meet the Masters

Classes at local art council designed for kids

Arts & Crafts projects woven into subjects above

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I think it all sounds great! Are you going full WTM then? Have you gotten your book yet? I bet you fly through FLL1 into FLL2. We did FLL1 in first grade and 1/2 of FLL2. No worries there. Did you buy the student activity book for SOTW? We're using it this year with SOTW 4 and we LOVE it! I would recommend picking that up if you haven't already. That will help you cover Geography, Narration, and give you extra reading suggestions as well as hands-on activities if you want to pursue them. OH, and the timeline figures are included as well.


Isn't it exciting to switch gears and dive into something new and fresh?:D




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My book is on its way, well books. I have both coming first and last. I could not decide. The more I look at what we are doing now and how it really is not clicking for us, the more I decided to revamp it all. So, I think I will try out the whole WTM. At least I will try and see where it goes. I have SOTW on audio and the AG. This way it frees my time up from reading yet another book. We both just sit and listen and then do the AG. I am going to get the WWE and FLL in pdf. Still not sure if I should get the book to go with FLL or just do the workbook.



It is exciting and scary all at the same time. I am just wish and hoping that the change will really help us enjoy everything the way it is meant to be enjoyed.


I can guarantee I will have tons and tons of questions.

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