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One of Those Days.

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There's baking powder all over my kitchen table & floor (what didn't sweep up) and the contents of my son's toy box are on the living room floor. On that note, I'm going to bed. If the mess bothers DH, he can clean it up when he gets home. I can't take another minute. Kids to bed and Mama right behind them... it's the only certain way to preserve my sanity for another minute.


ETA: I was going to finish cleaning up the baking powder after I got the kids down. Then I heard the toy box being dumped over & immediately changed my mind. I guess the floor will still need Swiffered & mopped in the morning, and the toys will still be there as well.

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at our house, DH would get home, fail to notice the baking soda on the floor, walk through it, and track it all over the house - possibly tripping over the toys and scattering them further while he did so:glare:


I'm up-- got the floor mopped. ready to move onto the toys. DH didn't even turn a light on down here when he got home. lol--He walked directly from the door to the stairs to the bedroom. I asked him if he cleaned up his kids' messes, and he goes, "I didn't see any messes. Was I supposed to?" Hmm. "No, oblivious one. Just go to sleep."

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