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Shortness of breath mid sentence Xpost

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My 7 yo dd does this often. She is talking and you can see how she is running out of air before she is done. It's not something new but I guess I was thinking it was a maturity issue that would go away. She is in public school and her teacher approached me this week to ask about this issue. She is going to request a speech evaluation.


My dd is a very good reader, above grade level, and doing very well both academically and socially at school.


I am trying to think what could cause it. Her memory is not fantastic, unfortunately in this regard she is like me; could it be caused if she had to work extra hard to translate her thoughts into words?


I have been searching the web and I have not found much yet other than public speaking anxiety. Could it just be anxiety? It doesn't happen all the time but it happens both at school and at home.


I am wondering if anybody here has any experience with this particular issue who would like to share.


Thank you so much in advance.





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