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Cool Legos (Educational)

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click on Lego Educational on the left hand side.




Wouldn't you love to have all of them?! You can also buy TM


I want to buy:

"tech machine set" http://shop.mooreed.com.au/store/viewItem.shop?idProduct=15


"simple machines".



"early structures"




I bought ds the "tube experiment" that was a HIT!



Also bought dd the lego furniture- I use them on a barbie dollhouse she got from grandma.


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We are overflowing with Legos and finally came up work a workable storage solution. In the large plastic storage container section in Target or similar store, I found Sterilite ClearView stackable, plastic drawers. We bought the small and medium sizes and sort the pieces by color into the drawers. The kids remember really well what color a particular piece they're looking for is, so this makes it much easier to find pieces. In addition to the color drawers, the kids have added a few other special-purpose drawers for things such as translucent pieces and pieces with decals. We also bought a large-size drawer for large pieces. Takes longer when picking up, but makes building more fun.


We finally had to go to a filing system for the instructions also. We use those file folder pockets and sort by theme. These all go into a cardboard filing box next to the drawers.



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