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Number 6 appears to be in the oven :)

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I can't share with anyone "in real life" for a couple months incase of miscarriage :( I've had two before, and we've always told people right away. It made it much worse to have to go tell everyone that I had lost the baby.


SO I'll share here...


Three pregnancy tests later and I think it's true, I'm PG!


We were trying for number six, so this isn't a big shock or anything. ;)


Now I just have to pray for a healthy baby and 9 more months of this! :)


I'll be due mid November. Kind of a bad time for schooling, but maybe we can just take all December off. I know the CC co-op takes that whole month off.

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Guest RecumbentHeart


:D :D :D



This news on top of my baby getting up on his hands and knees for the first time last night (he's growing up so quickly!) has me wondering if I'm really *done*. :lol:

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