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Switching from BJU English...help.

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it is BJU as an institution that i am having a hard time financially supporting at this point. i recently learned about their historically controversial stance on both the catholic church as well as racial integration/interracial relationships and these sentiments are just so hateful IMO. so, while i *love* their english materials i am looking for another program.

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I left BJU even though it worked because of the expense of the TMs and how rudely I was repeatedly treated by the CSRs. Went went to GWG but it does not include a writing portion. I use GWG plus CW and find it a very good combination. Another friend left BJU and started using R/S with success. Yet another went over to CLP. You have good options - just look at samples and see what will fit for you

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Honestly there isn't that much out there that has grammar plus explicit writing instruction the way BJU does. I found R&S intolerable. Personally I'd recommend splitting - doing writing separate - so it would open up your grammar choices.


Grammar choices:


If you are hard-core grammar (i.e. you want grammar every year from the beginning to the end):


Shirley Grammar

Growing with Grammar



Medium-core grammar - lighter now followed by more later

First Language Lessons 4 is coming out this year. FLL3 is good. Thorough yet not overwhelming. I believe her plan is to continue at least through FLL5 then you could follow up with Analytical Grammar which, IMHO, is the best curriculum decision we ever made.


Light-core grammar (for this age) - meaning intensive grammar is for higher grades


Junior Analytical Grammar - do that in 4th or 5th followed by the 3 year Analytical Grammar sequence starting in 6th.


For Writing - these would all work with any grammar choice above:


IEW - I've been using the student intensive for a month or so now and I can not believe I spent so many years not wanting to do this


Writing Strands

Writesmith Apprentice (followed by their other books)



I hope this helps provide some options for you.



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