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What math for high school?

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My son has just turned 14 and is doing a combined 8th/9th grade in order to graduate early. I intend on getting him through homeschool high school in 3 years, not including this one. The college he is looking at states as a requirement that he take 4 years of mathmatics. He is finishing up Pre-A right now and then we plan to start right in to Alg 1 and continuing through the summer. Do I count Pre-A as a high school and therefore one of the 4 or do we just start with Alg 1?

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I asked this question IRL myself not too long ago. I was advised not to include pre-algebra as a credit unless I absolutely had to use it. Could I use it - yes. Should I use it - maybe not. I guess a lot depends upon which college or university your dc wishes to attend and what he intends to study (an engineering major needs more math than a liberal arts major for example).


Have you considered Saxon? They include geometry in the algebra studies rather than a separate course.



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The courses are different enough and I've had a few students do this successfully.


It is IMPORTANT that they are scheduled as 2 separate classes-- so at LEAST 2 hours per day total.


Jann, can I ask a question about this?

Why do you make the point about scheduling and two hours? If a student is completing a full geometry course and a full algebra 2 course, why would it matter how much time he spends on math? I thought that for math, it made more sense to determine a credit by material completed rather than by hours spent?

Thanks for explaining- my DD is working both geometry and algebra 2, but not following a schedule. I had planned to award credit whenever the book is done.

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I've experienced too many students who attempted to complete Algebra 2 and Geometry the same year get frustrated at the time spent per-day on Math on average.


They forget that they are taking 2 SEPARATE courses and focus only on the word 'MATH'-- how long did you spend on MATH today?


Most parents schedule roughly one hour per day per subject-- hence my 'allow 2 hours' because it is 2 subjects.


I'm with you-- Math is done when it is done!

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