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What's with the ads?


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Vitamins for kids

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Wanted to maybe get my kids on some kind of vitamins. What is essential, etc? Fish oil? Vitamin D? Anyone recommend a good multivitamin and where to buy it?



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but it would mainly give them expensive pee :) There may be a difference for you if you live in the cold & snowy north with not enough sun.


Your pediatrician is a genius and I'd love to know if he lives remotely near me as he just picked up nine new patients.




Whole food diet, possibly supplementation with FOOD (like green smoothies, add flax to muffins, lots of veggies, herbal teas, etc.)


Our bodies simply don't know what to do with synthetic vitamins.

As to the whole vitamins their advertisement should tell you enough...


"Contains as much as six WHOLE blueberries!"


Eat six blueberries, it's generally cheaper too. Plus? Plus if it contained absolutely everything to the equivalent that it says it does, with nothing missing, then how come it fits in such a nice, convenient, tiny capsule? Moreover vitamins and minerals are destroyed by air and in general, the pulverization and drying and heat processes they must undergo in order to make that handy swallowable shape.

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