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Where to start a study of robotics?


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We built the Rockit Robot ($25 - $30) when my oldest 2 were around 7 & 9 - here's a link:


The kids LOVED it, they learned a good bit, and they still pull it out occasionally (it's been a few years since we built it).


The same company has several other sets, of increasing difficulty.


We also built a hovercraft vehicle, although I don't remember where it came from. Maybe the Smithsonian line, maybe Discovery Channel.


"The Dangerous Book for Boys" has several robotics-type projects in it, which my 11yo has really enjoyed. It also gives directions for making a flashlight, making alarms, etc.


Another thing my kids have liked, which is similar to robotics, are snap circuit sets. We have a 101 Snap Circuit set that makes things like doorbells, alarms, fans, etc. Electronics and robotics seem to appeal to my kids in the same way.


Hope that helps!



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