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Redwall series ... I'm confused ...


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Which order do you read the Redwall books in? One order says it is the "Chronological Order" and the other says it is the "Publication Date Order". I thought you started with the book actually titled Redwall. According to the "Chronological Order" you start with the book titled Lord Brocktree. Which is correct?

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Depends, who is reading it?


When I had my son start reading it... I had him read it on Chronological Order.


But, when I read it, I do so in Published order. _I_ can keep track of what is when and I love to see how the author has developed in writing.



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There are 2 ways to read it, also. According to it's publication date or chronologically (according to the "time" in the books.) I enjoyed it more reading it according to the publication dates.


The Redwall series do the same thing. We read Redwall first, then when we read some of the other books, it goes back in time to stories of characters that came before the characters in Redwall. It looks like you can choose either order to read the books.




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Brian Jacques, if I remember reading correclety somewhere, originally wrote Redwall for the children at a blind school where he was a volunteer.

A friend of his told him to send it to a publisher. Which he did and the rest they say is history.

He never intened to be a published author, then when Redwall was published, he wrote two more and that was going to be all.

But there was so much interest in the books, people wanting to know what happened before Redwall that he wrote more books that go at the beginning of the series.


This is the offical Redwall Site


The is the unoffical Redwall Encyclopedia

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