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Beginning cursive ?


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I began with Cursive First with my 2 sons. They were doing ok but all the letters have beginning and ending strokes and my 2nd son was begninning to have some trouble. I decided to switch to Handwriting Without Tears cursive program. It says it's for 3rd graders but my 2 boys are having no difficulty with it. HWOT's style is much more upright with less beginning strokes. We're only about 1/3 of the way thru the workbook but I'm please with this style so far.


I'm not familiar with the other 2 methods you mentioned but I would say HWOT is more modern...not as slanted, more upright w/ fewer loops and strokes. Hope that helps.

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I like CF in that it's less loopy, easy to teach, and you see quick results. But I also have to admit that I've never used anything else. It's not as slanted as I've seen in some curricula. It is also very easy to switch back to printing once they've mastered cursive. I think the author is right-on with what she says about cursive actually being easier at a young age. Dh commented after dd6 began using it, "Wow, it really is easier for them to start with cursive," after he saw how much dd6 could write after only a few short weeks of practice.


I used it with dd9 first. Cursive was an awesome thing for her because she's left handed. Her fine motor development is still lacking! lol! But once we switched from printing (she learned this in preK before we began hs'ing), she immediately saw improvement. When she first looked at cursive she said it looked too hard but within a week, she was so pleased with what she could do. Dh even commented that her writing looked better than his. Before we used CF, we could barely get through 10 words in a spelling list because the printing was so taxing. Now we can get through all 20 words in dd6's spelling list in 15 min. or less.

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