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Need advice re: switching from BJU/Abeka to Singapore

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I'm deciding what math curriculum to use next year for 4th grade, and I'm thinking of using Sinapore Math. I have used BJU and Abeka primarily, but the incremental approach is driving me crazy. For K, I used Singapore, then switched to BJU for 1-2. For 3rd, I had older copies of Singapore 2A and 2B on my shelf (with HIGs) so I started with those, but I felt completely overwhelmed. The mental math was particularly confusing to me. I definitely have weaknesses in my understanding of some basic math. I also felt like it wasn't clear what I was supposed to be doing and when. The books are too sparse, especially compared to BJU and Abeka. I need more hand-holding than the HIGs provided (if you can imagine that).


Once we finished 2A and 2B, I bought Abeka based on recommendations from friends. But Abeka jumps around SO much from lesson to lesson. Nothing feels connected. My son is better than average at math, so he has progressed well no matter what books we use. But I need to be able to teach it, ultimately. And I want him to understand the concepts well enough to go as far as he wants in math.


My question is this: should I try Singapore Standards edition? Is the material for the teachers easier to understand than the older Singapore HIGs? I have 4 more kids coming along behind my oldest, so I'd like to find something I like and stick with it for all of the kids. Although in some sense I trust that Abeka will give a good foundation in math skills, it is distracting to me and to my son that there doesn't seem to be much fluidity. I purchased Math Mammoth and like the approach better than Abeka, so I think the mastery approach appeals to me more than incremental. But I would feel more comfortable using something more standard like Singapore (or even Abeka or Saxon) as my primary text (and Math Mammoth as a supplement). I want to be certain that, should there ever come a day that my kids must go to public or private school, they'll know what they need to know.

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Hi, I'm new here too, but I've been reading posts for about a year.

I've only ever used Singapore math for my two kids. My oldest is in first grade using 1B/2A + Challenging Word Problems 1 and my youngest uses the Earlybird Kindergarten books so I can't say for the older elementary years, but I like the approach Singapore math has and so do my kids. We also throw in a little Miquon math. You mentioned using Mammoth Math. When I went to the Mammoth Math web site I felt like I was looking at sample pages of Singapore math. Marie Miller lets you download 300 pages for free. I haven't looked at them yet though. I've read that the two series are similar, but MM says they have more practice problems. I haven't used BJU or Saxon, but I've read that if you use Saxon sometimes students are only able to do the problems in that book in contrast to Singapore math where you are able to apply your skills anywhere. I feel like people choose Saxon because it's more like what you'd find in schools, but Singapore math seems more fun and less expensive especially at Christianbook.com. Try a placement test at the Singapore web site and see where your kids would fit. Mostly see what your kids enjoy more and are having more success with.


Good luck :001_smile:

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If you struggle with understanding the mental math side, you might do better with something like Math Mammoth that follows a traditional scope and sequence but incorporates understanding math without just rote drill. Singapore can be a bit much to jump into if you are not used to that method of learning. (I still like Singapore but use MM as it is a better fit for us.)

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