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I could use some prayers...

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Last night, my 19 year old ds hit a deer. He is okay - praise God. His car is wrecked. We just dropped comp and collision on it last month because it was getting to where it wasn't worth much. Like I said, he is okay. He has a great attitude about it. He worked so hard to buy this car and maintain it. He is not angry. He is actually amazing with his attitude.


On Friday, I took my 9 year old dd to what I thought was her last orthopedic appointment for her badly broken ankle. If you missed it, she had surgery 3 months ago and has had a long road of recovery. The doctor told me they need to remove the screws because they are affecting her growth plate. I wasn't planning on another surgery. He had told me in the beginning the screws would stay in. Things have changed. Our insurance is up at the end of this month and then she goes on another plan with pretty much no coverage. He said we could surgery next week. She will be okay. It is just a glitch. A glitch that scares me because I never do well with any of my kids having anything medical done.


Our house in Florida that won't sell, so we rented it. The ac went out and a few other things. We had to spend $1800 to get it all fixed. We are getting our tax rebate and we can pay for it. It will be fine.


My 3 years and 7 months ds will not use the potty. I know he will not go to the office in diapers, but the workload and mess is taking its toll.


I have seen that God has taken care of all these things this week. I have prayed so many prayers this week and all will be okay. I just feel tired and like I could cry all day. I keep thinking what if my ds wasn't okay from hitting a deer. What if he wasn't able to call me and tell me to send his dad. What if the police called instead? Then I think about my baby girl having to have surgery again and I am so sad for her. She has been such a trooper though all of this. She just keeps going. So, if you could just say a prayer for me to just breathe and get through all this, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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This a lot to handle all at once. You seem to have an amazing attitude about it all, just like your ds (it's obvious where he gets it from!). I'm praying for God's perfect peace for you. And just so you know (not that you don't)...it's okay to cry. God hears you. God sees you. He is with you in the midst of it all. He will work it all out. Trust Him. Praying for you...

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Guest Shanna



I pray that you will be able to see and feel God's mercy and peace. I also pray that you will see how He is glorified in this.

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