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Is there a list for reading to go with SOTW4?


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Sorry if this has been asked but I have not seen it. We are moving into SOTW4 and I would love to have a "favorites" list with both fiction/non-fiction, biographies, historic novels, and picture books if anyone is willing to share their favorites. I will be teaching a dd11 and dd8. Thanks.

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The "History Books" we did together during history time, the "independent readers" I assigned to my dd9 to read, and the "Read Alouds" we have done during our nightly read aloud time. I am sorry that the books are not listed with corresponding SOTW chapters, but they are in order so hopefully you could pretty easily line them up with SOTW.


ETA: We also added topics between some SOTW chapters to emphasize some of the fun American history topics, such as Statue of Liberty, automobiles, Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, etc. so some of the books below don't directly relate to a SOTW chapter.



History Books

Victoria Queen of England 1837-1901

Florence Nightengale – Zemlicka/ Turner

Florence Nightengale: A Phot Illustrated Biography – Davis

Travels of Livingston

Tree of Life

Charles Darwin – on the Trail of Evolution

Voyaage of the Beagle

Life and Times of Guiseppe Verdi

Abraham Lincoln

Young Abe Lincoln

If you Traveled on the Underground RR

Gettysburg Address – McCurdy (Ill.)

If you Lived at the Time of the Civil War

Ghosts of the Civil War

The Drinking Gourd

America in the Time of Abraham Lincoln

Wagon Wheels

Paraquay - Jermyn

Elizabeth Blackwell The First Woman Doctor

Alexander Graham Bell an Inventive Life

Inventor's Times

Picture Book of Thomas Alva Edison

Thomas Alva Edison Young Inventor

Railroad Fever

Stories of Young Pioneers

Buffalo Bill

They're off

Dakota Dugout

Daily Life in a Covered Wagon

Cowboys of the Wild West

Going West

Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express

Westward Ho!

If you traveled west in a covered wagon

Rachel's Journal

Building the Suez Canal

Suez Canal - Bodden

Feed the Children

Countries of the World - Brazil

Long Way to a New Land

Arriving at Ellis Island

Coming to America

Story of the Statue of Liberty – Maestro

Picnic in October

Copper Lady

If your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island

Streets of Gold

Teddy Roosevelt Rough Rider

Story of the Sinking of the Battleship Maine

Andrew Carnegie: Builder of Libraries

We'll Race you Henry

Croatia – Hintz

Armenia - Hintz

Will and Orv

Wright Brothers a Flying Start

If you Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake

Earthquake! 1906 San Francisco

Hero Over Here

Going to War in WWI

Where Poppies Grow

Titanic Lost and Found

Anastasia's Album

Great Migration

You Want Women to Vote, Lizze Stanton?

Gandhi – Demi

Gandhi – Hunter

Binya's Blue Umbrella

Day of Ahmed's Secret

Babe Ruth Saves Baseball


Tut's Mummy

Roaring 20's

China's Long March

Ride on the Wind

Charles Lindbergh: A Photo Illustrated Biography

Children of the Dust Bowl – Stanley

Hindenburg – Obrien

The Great Depression

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Feinberg

Armistice 1918

Amelia Earhart, Aviation Pioneer

Good Fight

Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot

World War II Days

A Place Where Sunflowers Grow

Always Remember Me

Lisette's Angel

Memorials of Survival

So Far From the Sea

Little Ships

Greatest Skating Race

Journey that Saved Curious George

Albert Einstein a Life of Genuis

Hiroshima - Yep

Out of Bounds

In a South African City

The Fifties - Stacy

Lives of Extroardinary Women

Destination Moon

Footprints on the Moon

Race to Space

Cold War – Bjornlund

John F. Kennedy – Lanley, Schultz, Harper

Picture Book of JFK

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Adler, Kids Discover

If you Lived at the Time of MLK

Picture Book of MLK

Picture Book of Rosa Parks

Linda Brown, You are Not Alone

Remember: Journey to School Integration

The Wall

Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam

Story of Watergate - Hurgrove

Jimmy Carter: Beyond the Presidency

Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union

Hamas: Palestinian Terrorists

India Under Indira and Rajiv Gandhi

Iraq - Hassig

Chernobyl - Nardo

Fall of the Berlin Wall November 9, 1989

Chinese Cultural Revolution

Red Land Yellow River

Berlin Wall – Epler

Balloon Sailors

Persian Gulf War – Gay

War Began at Supper

No More Strangers Now

September 11, 2001 – Cornerstones of Freedom

The 2001 World Trade Center Attacks

Librarian of Basra


Independent Readers

Queen Victoria - Landmark

At Her Majesty's Request

Drummer Boy's Battle

Behind Rebel Lines

The Boys War

COFA: Abraham Lincoln

Shades of Gray

Maata's Journal

The Last Safe House

Court of Stone Children

Robber and Me

Sing Down the Moon

Bound for Oregon

Terrible Wave

Bully for you Teddy Roosevelt

Blue Willow

Shoes for Everyone

Thimble Summer

Wright Brothers – Reynolds

Flying Aces of WWI


Night Journey

Impossible Journey

Rose's Journal

Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler

Hitler's Daughter

Amelia Earhart

Snow Treasure

The Winged Watchman

Combat Nurses of WWII

Miracles of Maple Hill

In the Year of the Boar

COFA: Albert Einstein

There Comes a Time


Read Alouds

Across Five Aprils

Lincoln: A Photobiography

Little Women

Call of the Wild

Caddie Woodlawn

Great Turkey Walk

The Great Wheel

Old Yeller

If you Lived 100 Years Ago

The Good Master

The Singing Tree

Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt

Journey to America

Number the Starts

Twenty and Ten

Little Riders

Diary of a Young Girl

Hill of Fire

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Any chance you have a list like that for SOTW 1?:)


Well we are finishing up SOTW 4 now and returning to the ancients next fall. This time I will have a 1st and a 5th grader. I am working on my plan right now and it will include books for each level. The reading list for books we will do along with SOTW during our history time are mostly coming straight out of the AG, so I don't feel comfortable copying my whole list in here because it is basically a copy of the suggested reading in SOTW. Here are the books I plan to have my 5th grader read independently:


The Kin - Dickinson

Tales of Ancient Egypt

Learning Through History – Ancient Egypt

Learning Through History – The Ancient Near East

Mara, Daughter of the Nile

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

The Cat of Bubastes

Hittite Warrior


D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths

Learning Through History – Ancient Greece

Black Ships Before Troy

The Wanderings of Odysseus

The Children’s Homer

The Trojan War

Megan in Ancient Greece

Theras and His Town

In Search of a Homeland

Learning Through History – Ancient Rome

Augustus Caesar’s World

Caesar’s Gallic War

Detectives in Togas

Mystery of the Roman Ransom

Eagle of the Ninth

Hostage Lands

Song for a Dark Queen

Outcast - Sutcliffe


The following I will probably read aloud to both, if my oldest hasn't already read it independently:


Tales of Ancient Egypt

The Golden Goblet

Mara, Daughter of the Nile

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths

Archimedes and the Door of Science

Black Ships Before Troy

The Wanderings of Odysseus

Megan in Ancient Greece

In Search of a Homeland

The Bronze Bow

Detectives in Togas

Mystery of the Roman Ransom

Roman Mysteries

Eagle of the Ninth

Song for a Dark Queen


Hope that helps some.

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Thank you! :001_smile: This is a big help for us. My 6th grader will be studying ancients next year and I was looking for a list of books to help me figure out what we should buy. I didn't know if SOTW 1 would help us since it sounded like it was geared for younger grades but maybe I should just buy it for the list of books.

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