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HElP! I need 20 Madeline and 10 Pepito hats & Goody Ideas

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My daughter is turning 7 and wants all of her friends to have Madeline and Pepito hats. At Oriental trading I can get Sombreros, but where can I find yellow girl sun hats for 2.00 a piece or less -- or hats that are the right shape and size to paint! UGH!


And, any goody ideas -- or are the hats (if I can do them) enough? Thanks!

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Oh, I like Jane's link for making Madeline hats. I made their Madeline Hat Cake for dd's birthday a few years ago, and it was easy and cute... (Put the nasty fruit candy ribbon on at the last minute before the party, *not* a day ahead of time!)


And what about taking these hats from Oriental Trading, cutting off the "safari" fabric bands and attaching your own (simply, glue gun + sale ribbon)? You could spray paint the hats yellow, if you were terribly committed to them being yellow, but I think I'd just go for straw.

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Oh, the plates/bowls might work very, very well! I'm going to have to try that today!


I like the oriental trading ones, but Maren insists on yellow and i'm terrified that painting straw would take forever, LOL!


So far, we are having a little chocolat, eiffel tower cookies (I found an awesome cookie cutter), and of course, a Madeline cake. I'll take all menu suggestions you have!


Thanks, and if anyone has other ideas, please let me know.

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