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What would you do here?

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I found a book I am looking to buy at homeschool classifieds. I emailed the person and asked if it was still available. She said yes it was and that I could stop by her house in Castle Rock today and pick it up if I wanted.


Now, one of the useless pieces of trivia floating around in my head is that there are Castle Rocks in something like 5 states in the US. None of which happen to be mine. Homeschool classifieds is a national site, I've bought items from people there many times.


My question is...how should I respond to this, if I respond? I want the book, its a good price. But I don't know what to say to her, I don't want her to feel stupid, I don't want to get involved with a Crazy. (I've came across them from time to time too. Once I worked at a phone center where people placed orders. One woman called in ordered 8 pairs of orange and green high heeled shoes(!), gave her name as the Princess Orliana, instructed me to leave the package by the door (I guess the draw bridge was out) as if I would personally be delivering them and hung up without giving an address....just her credit card number, which was approved. So, they ARE out there.)


Anyway, does anybody have any suggestions as to how to word a tactful email? Everything I keep trying to write comes out wrong. Or would you just leave it and look elsewhere?

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Hmmm. I guess I'd assume that she's not crazy, and send an email saying you're not really within driving distance, and would she mind mailing it to you? Or just say you're not going to be able to get there to pick it up and tell her you don't mind paying postage.


She could be like me - a little absent-minded, not paying terribly close attention, and answering without thinking. I could see myself doing this - and I would not like to think that someone would assume I was nuts because I can be a bit bubble-headed. :)

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Oh I don't assume she's nuts, sorry if I gave that impression. Its possible but its more likely she's unfamiliar with the website or something. I just don't want to send her an email that makes her feel dumb. I'm not comfortable correcting strangers so I'm trying to decide if its worth it and if there are tactful enough words to use, because I'm not coming up with anything good myself.

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I'd probably respond with this:


Hi there,


Thank you for the offer. I wish I was near you to take you up on that--it's so hard waiting for great mail, LOL! Is it possible for you to mail the book to me instead? Does the price include shipping, or would that be extra?


Thanks so much,



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You know, thats good. And so easy. I think I'm trying too hard. I've overthought it, ya know?

Alright, I'm going to take both of your suggestions and email her, thanks for the direction.


Yeah, I wouldn't sweat it much. If I'm feeling self-conscious about an e-mail like that, I just err on the overly friendly side. Enough times, I've assumed the other person was being weird or flaky, and then it turned out I was the one who was missing something. (Not saying you are, of course! It's just better to make no judgments, just in case, LOL!)

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