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Do we have a way we can consolidate all of nestof3's great finds?

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I'll work on putting my bookmarks on my blog this week.


I'm sorry if I overwhelmed everyone. :001_unsure:



I'm a fan of your resources, but I don't think I have your blog address. Care to share?

Thank you so much!

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I just bookmark the main site for future reference.


I do both -- I file the main or parent site away into my life science or biology folder and the others into specific folders. Sometimes I forget that I have a really good link for a certain animal and forget to look at the parent site. you know?


I also save pdf files whenever they're available because when I get around to using it, the site may have disappeared. I try to organize my downloads like I do my bookmarks, but I do have a little tidying up to do.

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I've had the unfortunate experience of computer crashing and losing all my bookmarks, and it was a nightmare. You've done so much work finding these-I hate to lose them! Saving the pdf files when avail. is a good idea too-I will do that. Thank you again!

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