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Long shot: Is anyone here near Thousand Oaks, CA?

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Here's the situation: My husband is in T.O. right now, because his father has been ill. He is attempting to deal with a number of issues before my father-in-law comes home from the hospital.


One of those problems is that one of my (adult) brothers-in-law (who still lives at home) brought home a stray dog about six months ago. He did this without my father-in-law's permission and theoretically under duress, because he was afraid the dog would otherwise go to a shelter. It is a large dog, though still a puppy, and is causing all kinds of chaos in the yard. My brother-in-law does not seem particularly attached to the dog, and is not interested in investing the time and attention necessary to care for and train it.


My father-in-law is facing the possibility of a long recovery and will not be well enough or energetic enough to care for the dog, either, even if he wanted, which doesn't seem to be the case. In addition, because my father-in-law is having trouble breathing, my husband and another brother are working hard to get the house cleaned up and dust-free and just plain healthier and more comfortable for my father-in-law.


(I should, perhaps, mention that my mother-in-law died several years ago, leaving my father-in-law trying to cope with two adult sons still living at home but not contributing to the household. They have a cleaning person who comes in once a month, but my husband says that is clearly not adequate.)


Obviously, there are deeper problems, here, but for the moment my husband has asked me for help to identify some agency that will take in this dog. We would be interested only in a no-kill organization, however. My husband and the other brother have agreed to pay a fee or make a donation of up to "a couple of hundred dollars" to such an agency.


I have been websurfing for a while, now, but haven't found any good leads. It looks like there was a no-kill pet rescue organization right in Thousand Oaks up until fairly recently, but their website has expired, and I can't find any trace of them now.


So, I'm hoping against hope that there is someone here who lives in that general area and might know of someplace we can call? I'd be so incredibly grateful for any suggestions or leads.


Thank you in advance.

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Just a thought, but could you call a local animal rescue in your area and ask them if they can find one in TO for you? If not a local one, how about a national org? Oh, and I just wanted to say I think it is great that you all are trying so hard to find a no-kill place!

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