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TOG with VP cards


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I have been using TOG for 3+ years and it fits us well...except that I would like to begin using the VP history and Bible cards. Does anyone have a schedule already made that matched the VP cards with TOG weeks. I am looking for YR 4 but would be grateful for any of the years.


Although this is not exactly what I am looking for, some of you may find this helpful. The Ten O'Clock Scholar has is a link to a TOG yr 1 and CC cycle 1 schedule. http://theten0clockscholar.blogspot.com/2009/06/classical-conversations-cycle-1-and.html

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I just met with a local Classical Conversation (CC) director. We each had questions about the other's education material. She brought her knowledge of CC and I brought my knowledge of Tapestry of Grace (TOG). Our conclusion was that it seemed feasible to use CC memory work to supplement TOG...with some work to line up the materials and dates but that it would not work to use TOG if you were a part of a CC co-op and desired to have the history/Bible memory work coincide with what you are presently studying in TOG. That is just our 2 cents worth.


The Ten O'Clock Scholar has done the hard work of meshing CC's cyle 1 with TOG. Here is a link. I can not find other years anywhere.


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