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Spelling, Grammar, & Writing Suggestions??


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Need some help deciding on spelling, grammar, and writing programs.....

DD11(6th grade): thinking about Spelling Power, Spelling By sound and structure, or Sequential spelling, or AAS?

She is a strong speller coming from public school to homeschool in the fall.....Grammar: thinking about R&S english, All-in-one English, Analytical Grammar?, Grammer Ace, Shurley English.....we are going to be studying SL core 5 next fall......any advice? Writing: Writing Strands....dd11 is pretty strong in all areas....I don't want her to be bored but very well challenged! Another, maybe Writing With Ease? Would like programs that allow her to work more independent and just have me there for guidance if needed and to read her work over.

DD8(3rd grade): She needs more help in spelling structure...She may be okay by fall...but I'm not sure where to start her in this area? Writing: writing strands or wwe....right now she is working through the book "Just Write"......she likes it. She is also writing paragraphs on what she has read or listening to me read. Grammar: MCP plaid?, Primary lang. lessons, shurley english......growing with grammer.....(She will be studying core 1+2 in SL)

DS5(grade K in fall): We are getting ready to start 100 Easy Lessons to Reading.....In the fall, would Explode the Code be enough for his phonics/spelling skills? Of course lots of reading, HWWT, and Saxon Math.

This is a mouthfull but any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you,



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AAS would probably be overkill for your 6th grader plus it's parent-intensive. I would recommend it for your younger students, however. Your 3rd grader will probably fly through Level 1 and maybe Level 2, but since you've got another student coming along, you can always have him use it when he's ready.


Spelling Power is what I like for my "natural" speller.


In terms of grammar, I personally like a combo of Michael Clay Thompson (MCT) and the applied grammar/sentence-writing books of Don Killgallon.

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I'm not familiar with the other spelling choices you listed, but R&S's Spelling by Sound and Structure would be a good fit for a natural speller. It gets to the point and is easily done independently. Short and sweet. It teaches spelling rules phonetically. The words may seem "light" but the exercises will more than make up for it. Then next year the 7 book starts root based vocabulary. This could be a good fit for your third grader, too.


My older ds and my rising sixth grader use Rod and Staff's English and we couldn't be happier with those books. For third grade I really like First Language Lessons.


I wouldn't take the sixth grader back to WWE if she's a strong student. I haven't used Writing Strands, but I think it would fit your independent worker requirement. My logic stage kids use Classical Writing, mostly independently. If your third grader is already writing good paragraphs I'd probably go with something more like Classical Writing or Writing Tales instead of WWE. (I haven't actually used WWE myself, but have done WTM style writing with my kids since before WWE existed.)


Your kindergarten list looks awesome. I wouldn't change any of it.

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