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Would you go, or would you bag it?

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I've been running like crazy recently--lots of kids activities, tournaments, and more than normal responsibilities. This weekend has been packed full of activity, and I am beat. Way back last year I purchased tickets for the kids and I to go see a play tomorrow. They don't know about it, the tickets were probably only around $25 total, and the play is about 35 minutes away, and will last one hour. This will take us out of our home for a total of about 2 1/2 hours. Tomorrow night I have an event that I can't get out of.


I'm feeling very ho-hum about the play and thinking that for me it'll be more trouble than it's worth. I think the kids will enjoy it, but we go to a lot of plays, music performances, etc.


So, should I bag the play, and just stay home to do school and take a breather?

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I would go to the play and use that time to relax and enjoy 'just sitting' with nothing else to do at that moment.

As for the drive there and back, pop in some classical music. (I am just now realizing the calming benefit of classical music. Love listening to it while driving in this crazy city traffic.)

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