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Singapore Math: Essentials or Earlybird for Kindy


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Have you looked into Right Start A? I was all ready to buy early board and then I happened into a discussion about right start. From what I gather, a lot of people use right start a, b, and part of c and then transition into Singapore from there. They are both based on the Asian method of spiral math, however Right Start is much more manipulative based which is good for the younger kids, not much written at all. We got our a few weeks ago and I am really enjoying it.


Do a search on it if you consider it. I am a very non mathy person and might have some of the facts wrong. I had dh who is mathy take a look and he suggested we go the right start way. We will transition into Singapore later as I am really happy with how my older child is doing with it.




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We are using Essential Math, based on the numerous recommendations here. It has a more organized layout, and it's cheaper. There's a workbook A and B, with teaching notes at the bottom of each page (no separate HIG, text, wb, etc).


I vote for Essentials! It is a great deal for how thick the workbooks are. My dd loves it. I also feel like it is more like the SM US edition that we are using.


:iagree: I like EM much more than EB! My ds also loves it.

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