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Planner for the "teacher" for year long planning?

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So, if you do year long planning.. what planner do you use?


We did, and loved, the year long planning file box system this year. I have to say it was the smoothest year we've had, planning wise.. and we kept pretty much to schedule..

I used the Elan Planner.. I think it's the 280? to map out the weeks.. and would glance at it on Sunday night to see what our week was going to be like, if I needed to gather art/science/history supplies etc. It also helped keep me on track with the work texts that I didn't tear apart.


I'm thinking ahead to the fall.. and wondering should I use the Elan planner again? or is there something I can print out to do the same??


I like to be able to note what lessons in each text we are going to use for the week.. but I don't necessarily need to write it for each day.. a week at a glance would work well, I think..daily writing things out was a bit of a task and time waster..


This is for ME, as the children have a daily plan that works well for them and is easily printed each week for the week....


And if it matters.. I have a Mac.. not a PC..


thanks for your suggestions!

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I made up a chart on Microsoft Excel that I then fill in with the week's work.


Actually, last summer when I planned out the year, I set up an Excel worksheet that had a row for each subject and a column for each week. Then, each week when I plan, I take that masterplan and fill in the week on my chart which slips into the clear plastic cover on the front of my school binder. That way it's week-at-a-glance, right in front of me at the table/couch/floor, and fairly easy to plan. Each page holds four week's worth of work since I'm only intensively schooling one dd right now. That allows me to see how things are going over the longer term with days off, emergency cancelations ("No school this afternoon - go straight to Rest Time. Papa and I have to talk!") :tongue_smilie:, etc.


I looked at all the teacher's planners I saw at the Curriculum Fair (I'm a Franklin-Covey girl and love planners) and really couldn't find anything that fit me perfectly or that I couldn't do just as well on Excel for much less money.


Do you have a spreadsheet program like Excel for your Mac? (Probably a stupid question - all I know are PCs!)


Mama Anna

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