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help me decide on 8th grade curric, please!

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My 7th grader has been happily using Sonlight for the last several years... we've done cores all the way up through Core 6, and this year she's doing Core 5 pretty much independently. I'm trying to make my plan for 8th and beyond. I know we're leaving Sonlight, but I can't decide which road to take with her. She loves to read, enjoys the EHE/research part of SL, and has pretty much been through the history cycle once. We use MUS for math and she does online science (PLATO) so I'm not worried about those two subjects. Here are our choices:




for 8th, then start the 4-year cycle with TRISMS Ancients in 9th




TRISMS - Start the history rotation with
in 8th, leaving a year for American History or Gov't if needed (we are military, move often, and never know what state we will be in and what will be required)



- do the whole 8th grade package, minus the math, and stick with OM for high school.


TRISMS is on sale right now, so if we're going that direction I think I will order soon. Any thoughts?

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I'm wondering why if you dd has been successful and enjoyed Sonlight why you're leaving them. Why fix what ain't broke? Does Core 6 just not appeal to you/her?


We've done Core 6 - the only one we haven't done is 7 and it just doesn't appeal to us. I don't like their high school cores at all, so we're moving on. It's time. ;)

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We also abandoned SL for high school. I didn't think their Core 100 was really high school level and I hated Core 300 (which was definitely high school level).


I like Oak Meadows for high school history. The textbooks they use are actually interesting and the questions and projects for each chapter are quite good.


I wasn't happy with OM 6 for my youngest. She never enjoyed SL (my other two loved it up until high school). But OM6 is just too light for her. I've actually gone back to SOTW for her. We are doing SOTW1 and SOTW2 this year and we'll do SOTW3 and SOTW4 next year. She'll switch to OM for high school.


I have heard that OM8 is much better than OM6 and OM7, but I haven't actually seen it for myself.

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