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Home-schooled Evanston teen accepted by Harvard, Yale, more

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Well. one thing's for sure, her parents won't have any trouble paying the tuition. Look at that "music room"! And homeschool trips to China, Tibet, Greece, France ...


Seriously, this girl's homeschool experience and accomplishments aren't something I could even dream of replicating. She sounds like one in a million. I guess we'll just go back to our Playstation (or Wii) :lol:

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with many accomplishments and talents. She probably is one in a million! Wow---perfect SAT and ACT scores!!!


But---I'm with Hilary---I don't think we're duplicating that here! My girls are doing well, but they're not as self-motivated as this teen is.


Blessings to her, though---sounds like her parents have done a great job with her!

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Hmm, so all I need to do is build a music wing... er, room onto my house and then we'll be all set!


Seriously, though, this young lady sounds very impressive. And it's always nice when there are these types of stories, to counteract the stereotype.

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