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IEW or WWE? Which is better for littles? better long term?

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I think WWE is better for the younger years. My daughter started with WWE in 1st and it's been very gentle and enjoyable for her. I just received her WWE 4 book in the mail today.


My son started IEW in 4th grade and that seemed about right for him. I would not have wanted to start earlier than that. He struggles with writing and IEW is a very good fit for him. He has made a lot of progress. He takes an outsourced IEW class and I hope to continue with that for him all the way through high school.


I have IEW's SWI A and I was trying to decide if I would use it with dd, but since she seems to be progressing so nicely with WWE and doesn't struggle with writing at all, I think I will just have her continue with SWB's program. From what I understand, the next level should be out sometime next year.



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I agree with Lisa - 4th grade is about the youngest I would recommend IEW. I have an older 3rd grader that I'm introducing keyword outlines to, but we're going slowly with it. I think the full course is too much for most kids under 10 (I've taught it in co-ops from 3rd - 9th grade) but I do love it for middle grades and up.


I haven't used WWE, but I think anything that's a gentle introduction to writing is a good start (we used copywork & dictation, mostly).

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