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Xposted: Anyone familiar with Dual Enrollment program in PA?

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Anyone know about the dual enrollment program with the PA pubic universities/community colleges?


It is also known as Young Scholars Program or something similar (depends on the college).


In short...

For qualified Junior and Seniors in high school (based on test/placement scores).

Is funded by Pennsylvania Department of Education under the House Bill 628/Project 720 and pays 50% of the tuition for dual credit courses.


Does anyone know when the application is due? I have tried to find it on the websites but couldn't find anything about specific due dates... just that there is a deadline based on which semester applying for.


I am thinking about my Ds applying for this program when we move to PA this spring... if he works as hard as he says he wants to do to get his course work done by end of June. And if Ds works hard, and with me, in improving his organization and study skills.


Ds says he wants to do this and would prefer it over attending public high school. He wants to attend school next year. I am thinking about letting him take 2 dual credit courses for fall semester, and if he does well, then he can attend full time in spring semester and for both semesters of his senior year in high school.


Thank you!!!

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