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Looking for online high school that you can start anytime.

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Is there an online program where one can work at their own pace and doesn't have to start in the fall? We are playing baseball now so I am looking for a class to begin and work on over the summer.


Alpha Omega's new Monarch is completely online-you pay and have access in a few minutes. All you need is access to fast-speed internet. All subjects are taught-though I would be hesitant to use their math or science-but there are options for those two subjects that are computer-based....Teaching Textbooks, Saxon with Art Reed, Math Relief, etc...Science Shepperd(sp?) has a Biology curriculum that sounds excellent and very advanced-it is taught through DVD and book; also much cheaper than something like BJU.


About Monarch-I've been looking into this and found lots of negative reviews. After further investigating, it appears that those reviews were referring to Monarch when it first came out-AOP has worked very hard at fixing the problems, and it is continually being updated and most have very few issues anymore. From my understanding, AOP wrongly put Monarch on the market too soon-that was about a year ago, and it is now considered an excellent online curriculum by those who use it.


You set the schedule/planning-if you use it, I would suggest talking to AOP and get some hand-holding to be sure you understand how to change the schedule. I just spoke with a mom who is using this and she didn't understand at first how to reset the schedule, and after a phone call to AOP, she said it was extremely simple and felt silly for calling them.



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American School. It's been 7 years since me son graduated through them and I don't know if anything has changed, but I have only EXCELLENT things to say about them.


Affordable and efficient. Nothing slick or trendy, just efficient. Did I mention they are efficient? :-)

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