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Long ago, the King often slew the bearer of bad tidings, so I wonder...

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if the weatherman has ever stopped to consider the effect of his prediction of more ice and snow on my mental health?


Honestly, the man is looking more and more like an evil conspirator to me!LOL


DD did make it home safely from her ambulance shift and is sound a sleep. WHEW! The roads were covered with ice. I can't help but worry and I wonder if I will ever stop.



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Makes you question the integrity of that groundhog, huh?


We have been having beautiful, but too warm, spring weather until today. It will be 38 tonight and high of sixties for the next couple of days. I know that doesn't compare to what you are getting, but I do feel for you.

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Well, the rain has been melting the snow here...our driveway is a sheet of ice now...


60 degrees sounds like a dream to me...I'm wondering why we left NC...:glare: I am SICK of snowboots and snowpants and mittens and hats littering my utility room...gah!

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