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Online Classes - Memoria vs Veritas vs ?


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I wanted to sign my kids up for some online classes this upcoming school year. Since registration is going on now I wanted to come here for advice.


If you have had your 3rd-6th grader take any classes online who did you use and how did you like it?


I am looking at Memoria Press Academy and Veritas Press Scholars Online, but am open to other options that have classes for this age group.


Please share any experiences, complaints, pros and cons, etc...

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I have no experience with Memoria Press. This is our first year doing on-line classes. My middle son is taking the History Transitions class at Veritas Press. Julie Etter is his teach. He has enjoyed the class very much. The only con that I have seen with this class is some of the grades (not all) haven't been as prompt, but this is the first year that this class has been offered, I think, and I guess they are still working out some of the glitches. My older son is taking classes with VP as well and this has not been an issue. My younger son is doing one of the self-paced history classes and he LOVES it. On the whole, I have been very pleased with VPSA and I already have my kids enrolled for next year.

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I went ahead and enrolled my kids for some classes with Veritas Press for next year.


This is what I signed them up for:


DS (10) going into Grammar and Writing II B & Latin Transition A

DD (8) going into Grammar and Writing I A & Grammar School Latin I B


That takes care of grammar, writing & Latin which is a huge relief for me.

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Guest Momlovesbooks
We love the self-paced VP history course!


I have a friend who absolutely loves the self-paced as well. I have looked at their samples and I think they are funny.

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