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I feel really stupid. can you tell me about podcasts?

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A podcast can be something like a program from NPR that has already aired (This American Life falls into this category) or it can be a program that is prepared solely for those who choose to download or subscribe. Essentially, Faith, if you wished to pontificate for fifteen or thirty minutes weekly on some subject, you could record your ramblings and make them available to anyone who wants to listen.


This wonk is completely addicted to the twice weekly podcasts produced by the Planet Money team at NPR.


You can find podcasts on subjects inspirational or entertaining. The BBC and NPR are fairly generous in making content available. I believe that some churches make sermons available via podcasts.


Have fun!


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I mostly listen to knitting podcasts but if that's not your interest NPR makes Car Talk and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me available as podcasts also.


You can go to iTunes and search on keywords to look at shows that might interest you.

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Podcasts can be audio or audio/visual. They tend to follow the format of lectures, radio shows, or documentaries.


Scientific American has some great ones; 60 second science (& 60 second earth & 60 second psych).


NPR has some great ones. This American Life. There are music ones like Woodsongs. GrammarGirl.


I suggest these two links to get you started:




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My daughters loves podcasts particularly ones from How Stuff Works.com and specifically, Stuff from the Science Lab. I have several on my itunes currently that I haven't listened to yet or that I plan on incorporating into school. As I work on next year's lesson plans, I hope to incorporate more of them for my oldest dd for sure. Dd7 doesn't much care for them.

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I am a podcast junkie :D


I listen to these from NPR:

Education (weekly snippets)

It's All Politics

Planet Money

Science Friday

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me


From APR

This American Life



Le Show


And then my true loves, Disney podcasts!

A Window to the Magic

Be Our Guest


Inside the Magic

The WDW Radio Show

WDW Today


My dh listens to The Economist's podcasts, other economy/markets podcasts (he's a Certified Financial Planner), Car Talk, various BBC comedy podcasts, Coffee Break Spanish, Bill Mauer (sp?) etc.


Dd16 used to listen to Harry Potter podcasts all the time. Now she gets some fanfiction as podcasts, to listen to at bedtime.

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