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FLL vs. PLL/ILL (transition from ps to hs)


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My kids went several years in PS, now home schooling (dd9 & ds7).


This year we are using LLATL Red & Orange, but I want something different next year. I was looking at FLL or PLL/ILL, but I'm not sure.


PLL/ILL looks like the kids can be independent as they work through them. But they are intentionally light on grammar. Coming from PS, my kids don't need it that light. Would there be something similar that has meatier grammar, or would PLL/ILL enough?


With FLL, I see a lot of reference to "scripted". Is that in reference to how the student book looks like it requires the parent to sit with the child each lesson and lead? From the FLL samples I can find there can be no way a kid could work in it independently. Am I seeing that correctly?


I don't mind working with my kids, but they are smart enough to do some on their own.


Anyone have thoughts?


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No, a child cannot do FLL independently. The program requires to adult to teach it. The scripting is that the teacher manual spells out exactly what you say to the child. You can (if you are so inclined) read straight from the teacher book.


However, you don't have to. I often paraphrase or rephrase things.


Imo, having chosen FLL over PLL/ILL after comparing the two, PLL/ILL, while charming, is not what I would consider rigorous.



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Have you listened to the audio lectures on writing from the Peace Hill Press website? SWB talks about how much grammar kids need at this age and FLL or PLL/ILL would be fine for the 7 yro. MFW's website also recommends PLL for a 7 yro.


My 8 yro does Growing with Grammar and it's right about where he is. My 9 yro does Growing with Grammar + MCT's LA (Grammar Island, Building Language, Sentence Island, Practice Island, etc). They both do WWE.


As far as independent, GWG can be done independently.


I know what you're saying about what they're doing in ps, my daughter went to 1st grade at ps and they were writing/grammar intense. SWB talks about that in the lecture on elementary writing.

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