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CC Thanks for helping!*Salem,OR Co-op... We're doing it!! We're really starting it!!!

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Several people gave input about the letter, the name and so on... So happy to say... "We're doing it!! We're actually starting out own Co-op and I feel so happy about it!! Thanks for the help!




Trivium Cooperative Academy


Offering Friday School coming Sept 2011


A Unique Parent Led Home Education Opportunity


promoting a Christian World View




Information Meeting @ 7pm, March 15, 2011


Evergreen Presbyterian Church


905 Cottage St NE


Salem, OR 97301


You are Invited to our First Information Meeting;


Our program is designed specifically for parental involvement and children ages 3-18.



During the Information Meeting we will go through a typical day at “TCA†and introduce the founders of the group. Our group will operate with parents sharing the work, and fees, such as for supplies, will be kept to a minimum.


The scope of the elementary program includes a Christian World View that encompasses Science, History, Latin, Art, Writing, and a variety of Electives. Each subject will be approached through multi-sensory learning, where oral instruction will be combined with supplemental materials and hands-on activities such as labs, projects and games.


For 7th - 12 grades we aim to lighten your load in the pursuit of a quality, Christ-centered education for your upper grades student. Science, History, Writing,


Latin and electives will be offered at this level.



We look forward to meeting you!



For more information contact:





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