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Question about ds6-- math related

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Ok so ds6 has a few issues that we are going through the steps to figure all out. He completely knocked me over today. During the eval he was shown a picture of 3 apples and 2 jars of apple sauce. The question was "if 3 apples makes 2 jars of apple sauce, how many jars of apple sauce does 9 apples make?" He thought for a minute then answered 6. The guy doing the eval looked very puzzled and thought ds guessed correctly do he did 3 more that were similar. He got them all correct.


Then he was shown a big square. The guy doing the eval asked how many lines it would take to evenly divide the big square into 9 smaller squares. Ds said 4 after looking at it for a minute. Again the guy doing the eval gave ds a :001_huh: look. Then he did it asking different numbers and ds did it correctly. THEN the guy doing the eval asked ds how many lines it would take to divide a big triangle into 4 smaller triangles. This took ds a little longer (not long though) and told him 3.


I have NEVER taught ds anything like this. I have never had a child do anything like this. What do I do to encourage this. What math program do I put ds in to build on this. Help, Im lost. The guy doing the eval was completely stunned (also somebody who is completely against homeschooling- take that LOL :lol:) So anyways. I need recommendations. What do I do to help him flourish? Im lost. My dds are good, but never had anything natural like this. To be honest Im a bit intimidated. Is this normal at this age? Maybe I just never had the chance to see dd's do anything like this? Any thoughts? Suggestions for me? Thanks

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