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Kidney Infection question

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Last summer I had a kidney infection. I felt the pain in my back and knew what it was from the research I had done. I went to the dr. and got a prescription for Cipro. The pain diminished quickly and the infection was gone. Easy.


Monday I went to the dr. again because I could tell that my UTI had gotten worse and developed into a kidney infection. I had had the UTI for probably 2 weeks and was treating it at home. I only had pain occasionally - not even every day - when I urinated so I thought I was doing fine until I felt those twinges in my back. The pain from the UTI and kidney infection has been minimal this time comparatively and I was on the road to recovery. However, today I woke up with a pain in my back and lower back.


I'm trying to figure out if it is from the kidney infection or the pain is from sleeping on our cr@ppy couch for two night in a row. When I twist and stretch my back, it feels like when your twisting/stretching a sore muscle. The kidney pain I've felt in the past usually isn't like that. I'm probably going to the dr. tomorrow anyway but I wanted to see what ya'll thought just to ease my worry tonight:)



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