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When do you shop & pay for curricula?

When do you shop & pay for your curricula? (multi-choice)  

  1. 1. When do you shop & pay for your curricula? (multi-choice)

    • June
    • July
    • August
    • Sept
    • Oct - Dec
    • Jan - Feb
    • March
    • April
    • May

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Tax time... speaking of.. LOL It's on my to-do list, now that I have reorganized the rooms and better organized our small home. But spending that money has me >*cringing*<... so I have been procrastinating. But my Prime ends on the 13th and so does my shipping coupon from CBD. So it is fated to happen this week!! LOL

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This past year it was Oct/Dec. The "year" before that it was April. Before that was Oct/Dec again, and before that, not sure....


We school year-round (ish), and coordinate our purchases to coincide with our once/year trips from Brazil to the US. So, mostly it's been around Christmas time.


The purchases I made this past Oct/Dec are for the school year we will start next month (April) and will take us until December. Hopefully we'll be going home then and able to buy at that time.

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I voted April, May, June and July because that's the plan this year. I'm placing orders at the first payday of each month until I'm done to kind of spread it out a bit.


The IRS decided to keep most of our money this year. :tongue_smilie:

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other - all through the year, as I find sales or used options! :)


:iagree: This definitely describes me back when I was a curriculum purchaser. (We use an accredited high school that sends us everything now. I feel like our fun homeschool days are over.)

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I just started in February and will probably get some stuff every month until June when I hope to be done so I can plan. Buying all at once would be overwhelming for me and the bank account. We set aside money each month so it works best to buy it over time. And I like to just focus on a little at a time.

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