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Books re: Honoring God w/ your relationships after divorce?

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I was just wondering if anyone can recommend books on this topic.

I feel like I talk about this with women often, and yet b/c I am married

(and haven't been divorced) I don't know how much they actually

listen to me.






Honestly, I believe I'd direct them to a Next Step or Divorce Care class.


There are some patterns of behavior and thinking and processing that go with being a recently divorced woman. A case could be made that women might feel more comfortable talking to a select group of BTDT women.


I have divorce book recommendations, but because they are secular, they are not what you are looking for. In fact, I'd likely not recommend the type of books you are looking for.


If addiction or adultery or abuse was involved in the divorce, there *are* books that I'd recommend women read in order to understand their past with an eye for how to make choices in the future.

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Can you give me the list of books you recommend (both lists)?




Here is the Divorce Care link:






Crazy Time This book is very good, and very accurate about the post divorce process. Know, though that it is graphic, earthy, secular and includes rough language.


Mom's House, Dad's House Good how to book on co-parenting.


Why Does He Do That? If abuse on the part of the husband was involved. This book is especially good if the abuse was not physical.


The Verbally Abusive Relationship This is another one the is good for emotional/verbal abuse.


Positive Discipline for Single Parents (because you know I always have a positive discipline reccomendation ;))


If you need my recommendations on addiciton resources, let me know.

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