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Rod & Staff English Placement Question


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:001_smile: We just started R&S English 2 with my 8.5 year old. I think I'd like to move him up to 3 which SEEMS more age/level appropriate for him. Though some of the material in 2 is new (not all of it as we went through much of FLL 1/2) he is a QUICK STUDY. It LOOKS like (though I'm not positive) the material is repeated in English 3 but perhaps at a slightly deeper level. This is what makes me think I could:


1) Accelerate 2 by "cherry picking" topics/moving quickly. . . OR

2) Skip 2 altogether and start with 3 (what I'd prefer if it wouldn't short change his grammar/composition foundation). We plan to use it in its entirety for grammar and composition so we'd take it one lesson at a time, doing a combination of oral and written work. :001_smile: Would he be struggling with the comp. assignments? Hmmmm. I just thought about that as a possible problem. Need to go look at 3 again . . .


Thoughts? I don't want to miss laying a foundation but grammar isn't brand new either. I really want to be "on grade level" with this kiddo.

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