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A Unit Study question...history programs


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OK, being here is so educating but also so frustrating. Just when I think I have my mind made up, I learn about a new item and begin researching then wonder...


So I was all ready to do TRISMS next year with my son and found out about TOG and Biblioplan on here this week. They all seem to basically offer the same routine. Unit studies based on a cyclical program showing the connection between History and other studies.


My question is why in the world are there such price differences?


TOG $$$$$ seems very high dollar but very pretty too

TRISMS $$$ middle of the road price wise and nice

Biblioplan $ very low end of cost and maybe not as glossy and purty to look at but very appealing with the price point


Any and all input would be fabulous and so much appreciated before I make any sort of investment.


:confused: and :001_unsure:

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