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Rant MUS Website

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So I have wasted the last 45 minutes trying to order from Math U See website. As usual it isn't functioning. This happened several months ago when I tried to place an order. Yes, I know I can call them. It would be easier, more convenient, and in theory, faster to order online. Is there any other vendor that carries MUS? I would be more than happy to give my money to someone who can maintain a website. GGGRRRR!!!

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Add another to the 'Love the product but the website is enough to make one do this - :banghead::cursing::willy_nilly::rant:' list.



I do wonder why businesses insist on changing up their websites that work just fine and make such a mess. AT&T's new website has made me cancel my home phone and another home school publisher lost my business because the website eats my shopping cart every.single.time.

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