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For those of you who use AAS, I have a ?


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Does AAS teach or have a rule that lets the student know in which situation to use:





Right now I'm under the impression that my kid just needs to memorize which words use which letter combination. My kid knows the sound, but just doesn't know which one to use in the word. BTW, he's 6 yrs old & in 1st grade.

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Unfortunately there isn't a rule to know which one to use. However, AAS does give other strategies for this:


First, ER is the most common one, and that is taught first so that kids get a chance to master that one first. Then, AAS uses visual strategies like a word bank to build up visual memory of these patterns.


After kids have the opportunity to master ER words, then in the next book AAS will teach UR and IR, again one at a time with lots of lessons separating them. Kids will again use word banks and practice with each one. Then, after they have had the opportunity to work with each one individually, they will practice working with them together. Students will do a “word analysis†exercise where they will have to sort various words into columns according to which /er/ spelling is used–ER, IR, or UR. They will also learn a sound card, “What are three ways to spell the sound of /er/?†Later on, other /er/ sounds will be introduced in a similar fashion. In the case of the OR in work, when the /er/ sound comes after a W, it’s spelled OR. So for that pattern, students will learn a rule. Less frequent than these is the EAR of heard, etc… Students will gradually learn and become proficient with each spelling.


HTH some! Merry :-)

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