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MFW Adventures - How adaptable is it?

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Next fall I will have an immature 7yo and a 9yo who needs a challenge. I want to combine them for American History, and I keep going back to MFW Adventures.


How hard would it be for me to do mostly bare bones for 7yo and add harder material (SL Core 3 readers?) for 9yo? Would it be easy to add some History Pockets and a Draw Write Now book?


I don't want to end up with another year like this one. I tried to combine WP Hideaways with SL Core 2. After a few months I just had to quit the WP altogether because it was too much for me to coordinate.


I would just move up to SL Core 3, but it will be way over 7yo's head from what I can tell.


Any tips on this?:bigear:

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We are doing adventures right now, and in my opinion it would be really easy to do as you are saying. I don't think I would do the full SL core 3 with it, but if you just add the readers that would work. Also with the book basket you could have age/grade appropriate reading materials of your choosing from the library to fit the them you are in that week. I have a 7 and 5 yo doing it now and it is a little over the 5yo's head so I add stuff for her in the bookbasket... it takes us from about 9am-12pm to get all of our schooling done if there aren't any interruptions from baby :)

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It's very adaptable, as long as you are willing to put a little elbow grease in for your 9yo. I would spend some time looking through the book basket list and planning out what readers you want him to use. I would also look through the WTM recs for history and be sure that he is doing adequate writing output. I feel like Adventures has even less writing than the end of MFW 1st had. It will probably be a perfect fit for your 7yo.


I'm using it this year with a 1st and 2nd grader. I added SL2 intermediate readers to my 2nd grader's schedule. I love the short lessons and adaptability of this program.

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