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Writing for 100 days or Fairview's Guide to Composition and Essay

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Someone mentioned it recently, and I think I have a copy coming in the mail from the amazon marketplace. Don't know anything more about it yet. Did you try CBD for samples? I saw them either there or RR. Something must have made me think it was worth buying, lol.

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I've looked at both of these off and on for years. I've never been able to find out much about them. Even after looking at samples and trying to read reviews I still haven't been able to decide to buy them because I feel like I'd be buying just to preview....AND I may end up with another writing approach that sits on the shelf. I have to say, I think the intrigue of not knowing exactly what they are like makes me come back to considering them over and over! :lol:

I too would love to read a good review of either of these.



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