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Long winded question about English 10/11 possibilities for next year

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Okay. Here is the scoop. Normally, I REALLY dislike IEW. It just... Rubs wrong? Kwim?


However, a friend is wanting me to do a coop-ish english thing with our high schoolers next year.


I had already planned and still plan to use Hewitt's Speech Lightening Lit 1 semester course and was going to cobble the second semester myself.


However, she really wants to use the IEW's Windows to the World and Elegant Essay Writing Lessons that was donated to her, because it is free and she hear's good things about them.


I must admit that unlike some of the mixed reviews IEW usually get, WttW does seem to only get positive. Maybe it's a case of one of this exceptionally good programs from somewhere I wouldn't normally buy. I've looked through it and it looks better than the IEW stuff I've seen in the past. Better layout and clearer.


I'm a bit iffy on the Elegant Essay. It seems wordy, but then again I have my handy dandy Format Writing from Jensen to fill any gaps or just cut to the chase.;) It only focuses on 2 of the 6 essay types, descriptive and persuasive, which is probably the most one could expect in a one semester course. But it also covers MLA citing, which I think they all need more practice doing to feel confident. Is there a similar program follow up later to cover the other 4 types? Would that be the Style and Structure program? Just curious, worry about that when I get there a year from now.


All of these are single semester courses, so I'm thinking of having a trimester set up instead of two semesters? OR Would you use EE along side one of the above courses? I'm leaning towards using them bc they do seem friendly for a class setting.


The transcript would just say English 10 or 11 (the grades of our boys) and be worth 1 credit for the year. Does that sound okay? I'm worried there isn't enough writing?


Opinions on any of the above? I'm just in planning mode, so I'm open to scratching it all, doing it all, changing things, adding things...


If it matters, this year my boys did LLfromLR, which I suppose pending POV would either dovetail nicely with WttW or make WttW redundant. I'm leaning towards dovetail, but, again, open to opinions.

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