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S/O general board thread - Who to share diagnosis with?

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It depends on the situation for us. When we thought ds had dyslexia I made certain to tell his church teachers. He couldn't read at all and I didn't want him to be put on the spot unnecessarily. Otherwise, few knows outside of us and my parents. I have talked about it some though to others when they are personally concerned about one of their children. Then I share what was working for us. For my dd, the same is true. It is on a need to know basis. When she was having issues with eating and drinking, I made certain those around at those times were very aware and taking precautions.

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We are pretty open about ds dyslexia, which has helped him advocate for himself. An added benefit is how many adults in our life have then shared that they are dsylexic, which has been so great for ds to see all these successful people that "get" him.

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We've always been pretty open. When I was teaching pre-school Sunday school, there was a boy who came in with horrible behaviors. After a few weeks of constant disruptions, violence against other children and more, the director went to his parents. They told us what terrible people we were to be discriminating against their ADHD child. They hadn't told us because they didn't want us to treat him differently. :banghead:


I decided at that time that anyone who might need to know (any kind of classroom teacher, etc) would know. I never wanted to come back and someone and say, "yeah he is having a problem, that is because he is ASD, sorry I didn't mention it before".


That said, I don't really think the potential for problems is very high any more. We don't tell very many people. Most of the people who need to know (like the youth minister when they were going on retreat) has been a friend since ds was diagnosed and has known all along.


BTW there were no problems on the retreat - the youth minister was very excited about ds's problem free weekend.:party:

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