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Saxon or CLE math


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Next year my DS will be in 5th grade coming out of PS. He's more on the creative side and math isn't his best subject. I already own a Saxon 6/5 book from years ago when I used it with my other kids. I'm a little worried based on how long it takes some kids to do Saxon that this would be a killer for him (my other kids did very well in Math, which could be because they had good curriculum to learn). I have heard that CLE(I've never used it) is like Saxon and is a very good programs without so many problems. I plan on using it for my 1st grader.


Would you do the Saxon since you had it or do CLE?

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Wow, that's a tough one. Saxon is more expensive than CLE. I do like the set up of CLE better than Saxon though. My daughters' school use Saxon and two of them are struggling with it and two of them are doing fine ( only because they are in PreK and 1st).

Even though my oldest had a tough time with CLE the year we used it she still liked it better than Saxon.


In the end though its totally up to you as to what you want to use. Either way Saxon from 5/4 up is self teaching and CLE is self teaching from 3rd and up.

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