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Omnibus I and Teaching Company lectures

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I've decided to use Omnibus I for literature and history for 7th grade next year. I want to combine that with Teaching Company lectures. I currently have a very long list in my TC shopping cart and I need to narrow it down.


I know that I will do Odyssey and Aeneid by Vandiver--I already own those. I'm considering some of her others:

Classical Mythology

Herodotus: The Father of History


I want to save some of the more indepth TC lectures for grade 9 and Omnibus IV. What do you think of these for 7th?:

History of Ancient Egypt or Great Pharoahs of Egypt

Greece and Rome: an Integrated History of the Ancient Mediterranean

Classical Archeology of Ancient Greece and Rome

Famous Greeks

Famous Romans

Experiencing Rome: A Visual Exploration of Antiquity's Greatest Empire


I obviously have too many in my cart now. Which of these do you think would add the most to our studies without being boring and cumbersome? Would it be just as effective to read the biographies without listening to the "Famous xxx" series? Which of these do you love?

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